Our professional Nurse Wellness Coaches effectively educate our clients regarding health strategies and overall wellness plans.

Wellness is unique and intimate to each person and our team is supportive of these individualized needs.

  • Our registered nurse coaches engage you in a whole health approach to wellness.
  • We identify potential risk for disease before it happens, promoting wellness and keeping you healthy.
  • Our team works closely with your physician supporting his or her recommendations while fostering a relationship with you as your personal healthcare advocate


My Nurse Wellness Coach Innovative Wellness Programs Include

  • Whole Health Wellness Focus
  • Clinical Nurse Wellness Coaching
  • Individualized Nutrition Programs
  • Nurse and Physician Monitored Weight Loss Programs
  • Comprehensive Wellness Screening
  • Disease Prevention and Management
  • Physician Collaboration
  • Client Centered Care
  • Online Patient Portal
  • Weekly Registered Nurse Visits

Your personal Nurse Wellness Coach makes it convenient for you to develop and integrate lifestyle strategies that are both sustainable and attainable. Our person centered programs include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits by your Nurse Wellness Coach to monitor progress. 
Preventive health education and wellness management programs supports your goals. Lifestyle change interventions focus on increasing healthy behaviors at the individual level and reduce chronic disease risk such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and metabolic syndrome

Why a personal nurse wellness coach

According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 133 million adults, or nearly half of all adults in America, are living with at least one chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. These diseases can largely be reduced or prevented through education and behavioral changes. 


An Integrative Healthcare Approach

Our unique nurse wellness programs helps individuals effectively make changes in their lifestyles and behaviors to achieve increased health and well-being.  We partner with your physician and other health care professionals to promote a whole health wellness model that aligns with your personal healthcare and quality of life goals.


Relationship Centered Practice

Your nurse wellness coach is focused on fostering a caring relationship with you through our relationship centered practice. This includes engaging with our clients by creating a safe space to nurture a positive and therapeutic wellness partnership. 

Patient education should not be limited to a one-time event – it works best when it is part of an ongoing interaction and transpires during a meaningful conversational dialogue. 

Contact My Nurse Wellness Coach today to schedule your complimentary wellness assessment.