nutrition before and during pregnancy

Nutrition is personal as our choices affects us today and our life-long health. For the pregnant woman or individual planning on becoming pregnant, nutrition choices today profoundly affect the health of her future child and the adult he or she will eventually become.

preparing for pregnancy

My Nurse Wellness Coach supports our client in establishing healthy eating habits that will optimally nourish her now and prepare herself for a healthy pregnancy.  A hallmark of holistic woman's health care is that preparations for birth begin prior to pregnancy, in order to maximize the future mother’s health status before she conceives. We also support the father to be by helping him to examine his current eating habits as well as understanding his lifestyle choices.  Studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition can affect the man's fertility and sperm health.

My Nurse Wellness Coach supports both parents through our unique program to adopt healthy habits now for a healthy pregnancy in the near future.


nurse coach support during pregnancy

My Nurse Wellness Coach emphasizes the inclusion of not only our client's body in her care, but also her mind, emotions, spirit and environment. Our holistic approach to caring for our expectant clients acknowledges the impact of the pregnancy on her, her family, social life, emotional responses, and the course of her future.  These considerations in our client's individualized care supports our "whole person" philosophy.


Our holistic approach also includes supporting our client manage stress and anxiety associated with the upcoming life-changing event of the birth of a child. We partner with her to learn relaxation techniques including meditation, guided imagery and passive relaxation.

Nutritional support is the foundation of our holistic program for our expectant mothers and fathers. Proper nutrition and diet is an incredibly important component to maintaining optimal health status for both mom and baby.  Often times the pregnant mother’s diet is lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. My Nurse Wellness Coach supports our clients by ensuring that both mother and baby receive the nutrients they need.

Your Nurse Wellness Coach will visit you in the home following the birth of your baby. The postpartum period is a critical one lasting approximately 6-8 weeks and is a time of dramatic emotional and physical change for the new mother. Your nurse coach will re-evaluate your nutritional needs after giving birth as an adequate intake of essential nutrients is necessary for effective healing, replenishing nutrition stores, and sufficient breast milk production for our breast feeding clients.  Continued nutritional consultations with your nurse wellness coach includes nourishment recommendations and meal plans, supporting your overall needs for a healthy postpartum period.