Your Health Partnership

Professional Nurse Partners Clinical Nurse Wellness Coach engages in a wellness partnership with individuals to create a  plan of care that nurtures the whole person. We become part of your health care team, integrating nutrition and holistic interventions to improve  your overall health and quality of life. 

My Nurse Wellness Coach promotes Senior Wellness by providing a plan that ensures access to a comprehensive nutritional program.   As we age, changes in our health and functional status can influence nutrition needs and essential nutrient intake. Your Nurse Wellness Coach strives to ensure successful aging and well-being for our clients. We start with a comprehensive assessment of the individual's health and access to nutritious "whole" food.  

Our clients benefit significantly from adopting a healthier lifestyle, incorporating healthy foods into their diet, minimizing stress related health conditions and partnering with our health care team to implement a structured wellness plan.

Goals of the Senior Wellness Partnership: 

  • Enhancing independence and quality of life  
  • Augmenting social, emotional and intellectual elements
  • Promoting healthy eating through nutrition meal planning
  • Increase and maintain an active lifestyle to promote health
  • Promote wellness through a “whole person” approach
  • Optimizing the management of chronic disease


Did You Know...

Research shows that living a healthy lifestyle matters more than your genes in preventing some health conditions as you age.

Approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and 77% have at least two.

Older individuals with an active lifestyle are less likely to develop chronic diseases and enjoy a longer lifespan

In order to live independently and relatively disease and disability free, our senior clients are engaged in their individualized wellness plan that promotes healthy lifestyles and maintains wellness throughout life. 


We also provide long term care management for adults with disabilities and those with special care needs. Chronic Disease Management can be difficult and overwhelming at times for the individual and their loved ones.  Professional Nurse Partners understands these challenges and can develop a care plan that meets your needs.