Eating Around The Holidays

With Thanksgiving this week, it's important to be aware that this is the time of overeating. With all the delicious food it's hard to do any type of dieting during this time. But there is still a way to enjoy these foods in a healthy way and in moderation. 

Most people on Thanksgiving skip breakfast because they are "saving room" for the big meal. This seems like a smart idea but in hindsight this isn't good as you will be eating more and having too many calories. It's best to have a light breakfast before so you will eat in moderation later on. Plus, do you really want to be starving all day before you eat which probably won't be until the late afternoon? I wouldn't. Do your body a favor and have some protein and fiber early in the day.

Some people also tend to wear baggy clothing during this day so they can't tell when they are full. One trick is to wear tighter clothing to signal that you had enough to eat. I know when my clothes are snug after eating, that means it's time for me to give it a rest. This way I don't overeat. 

This holiday is meant for enjoying time with the one's you love. Instead of eating super fast take your time and mingle while you are munching on a few of your favorite foods. Be sure to limit your portion sizes. If you are still hungry later on help yourself to more. Also, eating smaller portion sizes will help you save room for dessert. You don't want to be full from overeating and not be able to enjoy your favorite treats. Take into consideration though that you should eat these desserts in moderation. 

Even though it is hard to stay on track during the holidays it is possible to maintain your weight. Just keep in mind these little tricks and you may feel much better about yourself after eating all the yummy foods!


Katie LeonardComment