Staying Kidney Healthy

Did you know that your kidneys are as significant as your heart!? You might not hear a lot of talk about kidneys but they are super important and necessary for survival. Even though you have two, only one is needed to live. Your kidneys are always working. They prevent the build of wastes and other fluids by removing them from the body, they regulate our sodium and potassium levels as well as our electrolytes and they make hormones. 

Now that you know how crucial they are it's your turn to do everything possible to prevent kidney disease. You are at a higher risk if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, family history, or being over the age of 60. Here are some things you can do for you and your kidneys.

  • Stop smoking: Smoking can give you high blood pressure and can slow down blood flow.
  • Drink in moderation: If you are a heavy drinker, your kidneys will have to work harder. Limit your alcohol consumption each week. 
  • Lose weight: If you are overweight you are more likely to develop diabetes or have high blood pressure. Get yourself to a healthy BMI to lower your risk.
  • Eat healthy: Pick foods that are low in fat, sugar, and salt.
  • Get rid of sodium completely: Salt increases blood pressure which is the leading cause of kidney failure. 
  • Exercise: Doing physical activity multiple times a week can lower your risk for disease and get you to a healthy weight. 

Love your kidneys just as much as you love other parts of your body. They do so much for you, so return the favor and keep them healthy. 


Katie LeonardComment