Make Sleep a Priority

Do you get sleepy during the day and want to take a nap? Do you feel 100% rested when you wake up in the morning? Do friends, family, or coworkers tell you that you look sleepy? 

Chances are you are not getting enough sleep each night. With busy days and our fast paced society it's hard to put sleep at the top of our list. But we need to make it a priority or else it will start affecting us in a negative way. 

When we don't get enough sleep we become less alert. We have a harder time focusing and our motivation towards daily talks tends to decrease. Losing sleep also affects our memory. We may forget information more easily and it could take us twice as long to process something. Not getting enough sleep can greatly hurt our mood as well. We become grumpy and we are more likely to conflict with others. Not getting enough sleep can hurt our quality of life. When we are tired we usually don't feel like participating in any activities. If we are constantly sleep deprived we are at risk of hurting ourselves or someone else. 

If we continue to operate like this and not get enough sleep, serious problems could arise. We need to start putting sleep at the top of our list instead of the bottom because it is more important than you think. Make an effort to go to bed an hour early or set your alarm clock for a little later. You will start to notice a difference in your daily routine and things won't be as hard as before. Shoot for 7 hours each night and if you can do that you are on the right path. 


Katie LeonardComment